About ANDA

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About ANDA

Created on 18 February 2011 through the Dahir no 1-10-2011, ANDA is a public entity, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries. ANDA aims to promote the development of marine aquaculture on the Moroccan coastline.

As a strategic actor in the aquaculture industry, ANDA works to create a genuine momentum to establish a sustainable aquaculture in Morocco.

This vocation is well summarised in its motto: “One vision, many opportunities.”

Our Mission

Three key mandates were ascribed to ANDA to promote the development of aquaculture:

  • To implement the government's aquaculture strategy.
  • To initiate specific action plans that apply the guidelines of the national strategy for the fisheries sector and within the relevant regulatory framework.
  • To promote the aquaculture industry and to encourage exchanges both at a national and international level.

ANDA has five main tasks to achieve these missions: 

  • Supporting investments in aquaculture by putting in place specific action plans.
  • Proposing regulatory measures to promote the sector’s development and organisation.
  • Supporting pilot projects in aquaculture in partnership with public and private stakeholders.
  • Supporting investors in carrying out their projects.
  • Implementing an appropriate communication and information policy by taking part in and organising events to promote the industry.