Attributes of Morocco

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Attributes of Morocco


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Natural Attributes

  • 3 500 km of coastline
  • Strategic location between Europe, Africa, the MENA region and the Mediterranean
  • Availability of favourable sites
  • Exceptional water quality
  • Natural conditions favourable to farming a large range of species
  • Diversity of aquaculture sites (lagoons, bays, open sea…)


  • Political and economic stability in Morocco
  • Advanced partner status with the EU since 2008
  • Proximity to the largest seafood consumer market (EU)
  • Strong internal consumer market
  • Simplification of procedures for the creation and use of aquaculture farms with a unique interface through ANDA.
  • Free trade agreements with several countries:
    • EU, USA, Turkey, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Mediterranean Arab countries, European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
    • Canada (under negotiation)
    • The Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) (in the process of being signed).
  • Tanger-Med Port: important logistics platform
  • Competitice cluster for seafood products in 3 regions across the country: North, Centre and South
  • Well-developed airfreight infrastructure (17 airports)
  • 2167 km of railways
  • 1416 km of motorways
  • 12 commercial ports
  • 31 Fishing Villages and Improved Landing Sites along the Moroccan coast
  • Simplification of administrative procedures
  • Reduction in fish food's import duties (2.5% instead of 25%)
  • An established seafood “culture” ensuring the availability of qualified labour
  • Competitive Salaries