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Press release: National Agency for Aquaculturethe Development of Aquaculture organises a meeting on the aquaculture sector in Portugal.

ANDA organises a meeting on the aquaculture sector in Portugal.

Faro, June 20th and 21st 2016 – As part of its activities to promote aquaculture, and in close collaboration with the Moroccan Embassy in Portugal and the Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR), National Agency for Aquaculture Development(ANDA) held a meeting with the main aquaculture actors in Portugal. This initiative was organised to help build a partnership between Morocco and Portugal in developing responsible and sustainable aquaculture and promoting Moroccan aquaculture opportunities to Portuguese businesses.

To achieve this, a workshop was organised at the Algarve University to allow free and open exchanges on the strategies adopted by bothcountries in aquaculture development, and to investigate long-term cooperation possibilities for the public and private stakeholders.

Meetings with Portuguese professionals and field visits were also organised to allow the Moroccan delegation to better understand Portuguese aquaculture and to identify specific courses of action to be marked into the partnership process.

Over the course of the conference, ANDA presented the advantages of Morocco and the national strategy for aquaculture development to investors as well as the specific opportunities found within the aquaculture development plans. The aim was to encourage Portuguese professionals to include Morocco into their own international development strategies.

By organising this meeting, ANDA is highlighting its dedication to promoting national aquaculture and emphasising the advantages of the Moroccan aquaculture sector. Through its work, the organization hopes to build momentum across the industry, mobilising the necessary expertise  as a push factor.

Following this first meeting, ANDA and CCMAR, supported by all the institutions involved in the Portuguese aquaculture sector agreed to coordinate ongoing exchanges and meetings in order to prioritize the courses of action to undertake and to lay the groundwork for a fruitful, win-win cooperation between both countries.