History & Current framework

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A well-anchored history

The history of aquaculture in Morocco dates back to 1950 with the launch of oyster farming in the lagoon of Oualidia. Intensive farms were then developed in 1985 on the Mediterranean coast in the lagoon of Nador and later on in the bay of M’diq. Production was essentially focused on European Seabass, Gilt-headed Bream and Oysters.

Ten years later, shrimp farming was introduced at the Moulouya River mouth. While at the beginning of 2000 shellfish farming, dedicated primarily to bivalve shells, was launched in the bay of Dakhla. 

Starting from 2011, a new impetus was given to the aquaculture sector through the creation of ANDA, the National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture, as part of the Halieutis Plan.

This new development strategy for the aquaculture sector aimed to achieve production of 200,000 tons by 2020. The objective was for this to represent 11% of total fisheries production, which was expected to reach 1.75 million tons by 2020.